Sladké a užitočné/Sweet and useful

This will be about something sweet and something useful I have made 😉 English translation is below my native language…enjoy 😉

Určite ste aj vy už mali problém s pavúkmi v dome…neviem aké spôsoby ste použili na zbavenie sa ich ale možno mám pre vás jedno ľahké riešenie = vysušené čajové sáčky. Ja osobne som použila rôzne bylinkové čaje, ovocné…to všetko by malo fungovať ale niekde som čítala, že silnejší účinok má mätový čaj. V podstate len vypijete čaj, vysušíte vrecúšku a umiestnite ho tam kde sa chcete zbaviť pavúkov alebo iných škodcov. Najlepšie umiestnenie je asi do rohov miestností ale tam kde viete, že sa škodci vyskytujú 😉

Viac v celom článku 😉

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Šiesty zmysel/Sixth sense

Just a little article about how I used my sixth sense…or something like that 😀 English translation is below my native language. Enjoy 😉


Pred pár mesiacmi som bola na návšteve u môjho otca, rozprávali sme sa o mnohých veciach ale zrazu sme sa dostali k tomu, že ho bolievalo koleno ale že vraj mu na to pomohol nejaký čaj. Mňa to hneď zaujalo, spýtala som sa kto mu to poradil a nakoniec som sa dozvedela, že chodieva k jednej bylinkárke, ktorá má obchod v susednom meste.

Odvtedy som na jej obchod myslela, kedykoľvek som šla do mesta. Až som nakoniec neodolala a zašla som tam (tiež som chcela niečo na môj vysoký srdcový tep, ale toto nie je článok o tom xD). V obchodíku som našla sympatickú ženu, ktorá sa očividne v bylinkách vyznala 🙂

Viac v celom článku :))

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Prekonávanie hraníc/Pushing my boundaries

The English translation is below my native language 😉 (yes…I decided to write in Slovak language again xD). This will be an article about pushing my boundaries, more specifically in my part-time work.

If someone told me I will stick my head out of my comfort zone few moths ago I would probably manically laugh told them they are crazy. But now, I have grown quite comfortable with what I am doing 🙂 more in the whole article.


Každý z vás má určite svoje hranice, či už v práci, osobnom živote, škole a podobne. Pravdepodobne väčšine z vás tieto hranice lezú na nervu, pretože sa môže nájsť niečo, čo by ste radi robili/povedali ale nenájdete na to odvahu. Proste to prekračuje vaše hranice v určitej oblasti – vašu komfortnú zónu a povedzme si pravdu…nie je to veľmi ľahké prekonať to ale myslím si, že keď to človek spraví môže ho milo prekvapiť ako ľahko to potom ide a nechápe prečo ho daná situácia tak veľmi desila.

To sa aspoň stalo mne, viac v celom článku 😉

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Expressing myself

I draw this painting a few weeks ago and basically, I tried to put how I felt on the paper. Because recently I have been feeling like I want to do something, like watch a movie, read a book, play with brother, bake and so on but at the end, I usually ended up doing nothing because I didn´t have a mood for anything.

And it wasn´t that I didn´t want to do things because I was “lazy”, I really wanted to enjoy my everyday life but I just couldn´t bother…but since I draw this painting it got better 😀 it´s almost like I put what I was feeling on the paper and I stopped it from happening.

I enjoy my everyday life more now, I go on a bike, I watch movies/tv shows I enjoy, I also started to learn Spanish! 🙂 Maybe there is something more to it when you express your feelings through painting 🙂

If you are feeling sad, upset, or worried try it, it may help you too ;)) and try it even if you feel happy, relaxed or excited …I think drawing is a really great way of expressing yourself. I also think that you don´t have to think much about this kind of drawing. At least I didn´t. I just grabbed watercolors, brush and I drew without thinking. It was really relaxing, though 😉

Have a wonderful day everyone ;))


Desires are not bad

A few weeks ago, I have read an article about desire and the vibration gap which is between you and your desire, between you and your higher self. The article said that the desire doesn´t create pain and that it isn´t bad for you….what creates pain/sadness…is your own negative thinking.

Because sometimes, when we have the desire we focus on the “fact” that we don´t have it yet. When we think this: I can´t have it…I will never reach my goal…I am not worth it…of course, we won´t fulfill our desire.

But when we think positively we are coming closer to our desire, to its vibration, we are getting closer to our higher self and eventually, we will reach what we want. But it´s important not to bash other things that come to our lives during the time we are moving closer to our dreams.

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Mind your own biscuits

Last time, I posted one of my favorite songs about following your own path and not caring about what others say. It was a song called Follow your arrow from Kacey Musgraves and today´s song is going to be also from her 🙂

This one is about how you should mind your own business/biscuits 😀 and that putting someone else down won´t make you feel better 🙂 I think it´s really nice, positive song and it always makes me smile :))

Enjoy! 😉


Responsibility for actions of others?

Recently, I have read an article about how we are only responsible for our own actions and we are only responsible for our own reaction to various situations. We are not responsible for other´s people actions or of the way they act in various situations.


I really agree with this statement and I also have a specific personal experience I want to write about today. You could say that my whole family believes in God and we are Christians. But our “Christianity level” 😀 is different. Some people from my family don´t really go to church, some of them go regularly, some of them irregularly. One of the people who are regular visitors in Church is my grandmother.

More in the whole article ;))

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Songs recommendation

I decided to start this new “series” of song recommendations. For me, there are songs I just like and there are also songs that have a deeper meaning for me. And I will be sharing with you exactly these songs which are more important to me. There are mostly positive ones or the ones who apply to my life at the moment 😉 and maybe I will share with you some of the “less” important songs too, at the end, they make me happy too 🙂

Also, I have really wide taste in music xD so expect the rollercoaster. I can go from pop to rap, from rap to disco, from disco to Japanese songs or songs by Native Americans and so on ;D

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Collage of memories

If you would search my blog and my articles you would probably found out that I like to decorate my room, even with little things sometimes. Because I just feel that by decorating it, or by adding something, it really became MY room, my safe place…generally, just a place where I feel really comfortable and safe 🙂

Daily Digi Funtastic Friday August 30 2013

Recently, I add a collage of photos on one of my walls. I chose photos which make me happy when I look at them and just reminds me that life is exactly about these happy moments you share with family, friends or even with the world sometimes :D. I wanted to show you my photo collage but I´m a little paranoid that someone is going to recognize me from my real life and of course, there are also other people on my photos so rather not. But who knows, maybe one day ;D.

I just thought it´s a great idea and someone could be inspired by that. It was quite an easy process, you only need to choose your photos, print them and hang them on the wall or just attached them somehow. I´ve already had nails on the wall, so I went for cable and clips :)). But there are plenty of other ways how you can do it, you can use glue, or buy/make frames for the photos or just let your creativity fly and see what happens :). I´m sure the result will be amazing ♥. Also, I´m definitely planning to expand my college at some point because I just love how it looks and how it makes me smile :)).

What do you think about this idea? Would you like to have a photo collage in your room? 🙂



Creative shelf

I have few articles here where I write about things I make and last week when I was tidying my room and PC games I didn´t want to have them all hide in the drawer anymore. Luckily when the cousin brought me cardboard for my drawn heart (I´m referencing this), he also brought me a cardboard box. Although I didn´t have a good use for it few days. I mostly used it as a storage place for my handbags :D.

I thought that it would be cool “shelf” if I decorate it a little with a leftover wallpaper which I had from the time I was putting it on my table to make it more nice :D. So I measured it, cut and this was the result after 🙂 what do you think? 🙂


I also want to add a photo of my door because I really like how I have decorated them. To be honest, I didn´t like my door before, they looked old and I always wanted to have a new, modern door in my room. But I actually love them now 🙂 I think the things which I have put there spread positive message and they are good not only for me but also for people who come to my room :).


Have and wonderful day and let your creativity fly :))